† The Deacon †, Rew Star, & Gia Jordan

Rew & Who/The Violence

We had a good ole’ Rock & Roll night – music, drinking & bootys! Thanks to the beautiful @RewStarr for having me back on The @ReWandWhO show and to @THEVIOLENCE for having the invite! And @goddesofmusic87 rocks!   † The Deacon † on the ReW & WHo show   The Violence – Badass @ Pianos […]

(Video Interview) The Deacon on the *ReW & WhO?* Show

*ReW & WhO?* w/ The Deacon I was testing out the new single and my distortion effect went out! I should’ve just brought my damn accoustic. . . Visit *ReW & WhO?*    

ReW & WhO

(Video Interview) ReW & WhO

 † The Deacon † on the ReW&WhO show reveals some funk and the Ménage fail.   —————— CONTACT www.RockHardRockSexy.com Booking@MamasDirtyLilSecret.com