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Sexiness for 2012

What happend this past year: Began producing and co-writing the debut album for The Violence (March) Attended Curacao’s first Fashion Week (March) Released a cover of Peaches’ “Kick It” – a duet with The Violence (March) Released our “Big City, Dirty Nights” EP (April) Released the video for “Sweet Memories” from “Big City, Dirty Nights.” […]

Sweet Memories – (Music Video)

www.RockHardRockSexy.com “Sweet Memories” from the EP “Big City, Dirty Nights.” While in Curaçao, Willie came up to me and said “Hey, let’s shoot a video, since we’re down here.” One of the hotel bartenders herd us talking and suggested a location on the other side of the island – a beach with “black rocks.” We […]

5-Song Friday – Twenty

1) The Death Set – “Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap” 2) Rival Sons – “Pressure and Time” 3) System Of A Down – “B.Y.O.B.” 4) Bloc Party – “Octopus” 5) Angelo Moore (Fishbone) Dr. Madd Vibe – “Optimistic Yes”

Big City, Dirty Nights (EP Cover)

“Sweet Memories” – The Song

Addiction. It’s starts out as just trying to ease some pain in you. Then, all of a sudden (years, actually), you can’t function without your addiction. “How in the fuck did that happen?” Pain is so comforting that it openly shows you how happy life could be if you choose. But, you don’t. You choose […]