Soul Metal - 1st Anniversary

Best of Soul Metal – 1st Year Anniversary

For the last year Blue Mercedes Entertainment has made it there mission to bring some of the hardest hitting, the sexy, the visually striking, the thought provoking……..and all the below, right to the heart of Brooklyn NYC. This month we are CELEBRATING with some of the BEST bands to grace the SOUL METAL stage over […]

Songwriting - Standing In My Way

“Standing in My Way” – Writing Complete

Hey Sexies, I had a bit of inspiration yesterday (or was reminded), so I decided that the song is about jealousy. I finished the lyrics this morning and just took a couple of hours. However, when writing, I have to get into a zone where it feels like time slows down. Similar to an episode […]

† The Deacon †

Focus of Next Release

Hey Sexy, “Big City, Dirty Nights” was about a good time, partying in the City. For the next release, the music is still fun, but I feel lyrics will deal with more emotional subjects like jealousy, fear, betrayal. . . just a little more depth. I’m also trying to step out of my comfort zone […]

Church Me

“Church Me” Complete

Hey Sexies, YEAH! I finished “Church Me” and laid down the rough demo last night. Oh, right, what’s it about? It’s about the hypocrisy of  the organized church. Regardless of how pious they claim to be, they are just humans with all of the awesomeness and fallibilities.   Rock Hard! Rock Sexy! † The Deacon †