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Sexiness for 2013

From writing & recording the upcoming EP, to headlining, to rockin’ radio worldwide, it’s all listed here. Check out our annual, quick recap of the sexiness that happened this past year.

White Willow

Order Up: Med. & Hard

Hey Sexies, I’ve been thinking of a mid-tempo, hard groove. Maybe gotta get back to some reggae. . . It can’t be a “slow song.” It has to be a hard, head-banging, groove – a hard song that’s slow. I’m working on one; trying something new for me. Lyrically, the challenge here is walking that […]

Soul Metal

Thanks to the Sexies that came out and rocked with us last Sunday! It was freezing outside, but we kept it smokin’ inside photos: Mechelle Rayford

† The Deacon †

Sexiness for 2012

What happend this past year: Began producing and co-writing the debut album for The Violence (March) Attended Curacao’s first Fashion Week (March) Released a cover of Peaches’ “Kick It” – a duet with The Violence (March) Released our “Big City, Dirty Nights” EP (April) Released the video for “Sweet Memories” from “Big City, Dirty Nights.” […]