Gulf Coast Music Review

Gulf Coast Music Review – “In Your Mouth”

My Review: Allrighty now! I’ve done reviews of jazz/heavy metal fusion, post-Dada music and some other strange combinations, so why not Soul Punk? You know what? I like it! In most Punk bands you don’t see much “showcasing” of say, the lead guitarist, bass player or the drummer. This is different. In “I Confess” Damn’s drums […]



Promo tells us – “Soul Punk.” Straight outta Brooklyn, NY, the power trio that is Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret delivers a musical punch that can only be described as the sonic love child born of the torrid love affair between Soul and Punk. With big soulful choruses, catchy riffs, booming bass and thunder grooves, Mama’s […]

I Write. You Should Read.

Entrevista: Mama’s Dirty Li’l Secret

MDLS Interview I Write. You Should Read (Blog) by Sierra McClain Tell me the name of your band, how it came about, if you ever went by another name and how you guys formed a band. The Deacon: We’re Mama’s Dirty Li’l Secret, here to spread the Universal Truth of Mama – to rock hard, […]

Mama's Dirty Li'l Secret

Five Dirty Li’l Questions

Q: Who’s on your mp3 player? Damn:  This week it’s Slayer, MeShell Ndegeocello, Sade, Fishbone, Billy Cobham, Lamb of God, Dream Theater, Kevorkian, Public Enemy and Iron Maiden. The Deacon: Afro-Punk Vol2: FUCK ROCK STARS; Queen Of The Damned (soundtrack); In Your Mouth – MDLS; The Sisters of Mercy, Switchblade Symphony; Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan The Monster: Dead Weather, […]