blkVampires Eric Garner - Cover (hi-res)

The Deacon Produces “Eric Garner” Single for blkVampires

The Deacon Produces "Eric Garner" Single with B-side "No Strings" for blkVampires. Listen here.

Kick It (cover of Peaches & Iggy Pop)

“Kick It” (cover of Peaches & Iggy Pop). Performed by The Violence and Mama’s Dirty Li’l Secret.

Dirty Valentine

Dirty Valentine

The song is about meeting up with your mistress on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s day. Because you certainly can’t meet with them on VDay when you’re supposed to be with your main squeeze! Oh, but wait… not is all as it seems (hint: end of 3rd verse). . . Rock Hard! Rock Sexy! […]