Kick It (cover of Peaches & Iggy Pop)

“Kick It” (cover of Peaches & Iggy Pop). Performed by The Violence and Mama’s Dirty Li’l Secret.

† The Deacon †

Sexiness for 2012

What happend this past year: Began producing and co-writing the debut album for The Violence (March) Attended Curacao’s first Fashion Week (March) Released a cover of Peaches’ “Kick It” – a duet with The Violence (March) Released our “Big City, Dirty Nights” EP (April) Released the video for “Sweet Memories” from “Big City, Dirty Nights.” […]

5-Song Friday – Twenty Four

1) The Brittnees – “Colossus” 2) Hooka Hey – “Hush Me” 3) “Sappho’s Journey” – Crucible of Courage 4) Inky Jack – “Radar” 5) The Violence & Mama’s Dirty Li’l Secret – “Kick It” (cover of Peaches & Iggy Pop)

Kick It! Video Shoot – Day 3

A big, SEXY, thank you to the Party People! Ms. Scarlett Adrianne Aya & Masaki (FiRESiGN) Sheanan Dorit Sp3ktor Mechelle The Duchess Antonio Melissa