Big City, Dirty Nights (EP Cover)

(Review) Big City, Dirty Nights by Alec Cunningham

Artist: Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret Album: Big City, Dirty Nights Review by Alec Cunningham Rating: 4 stars (out of 5) With a band name like Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret and an album name such as Big City, Dirty Nights, you cannot help but to think that this band and their album are slightly out of […]

The Beginning of “Big City, Dirty Nights”

I started writing the songs off of the EP in September of 2011. We needed two new fast songs for our live show which turned out to be “Dirty Nights” and “It’s Been A Minute Since I Needed You.” Both were written in a couple of weeks so we could have some new material for next […]