This Mama Has Plenty of Good Secrets

† The Deacon †by Tanise Werner

I recently came across this funky glam rock, very much punk 3 piece band from Brooklyn NY named Mama’s Dirty Li’l Secret whose band name is as catchy as their look.

Fronted by a fellow that goes by the name “The Deacon” (guitar/vocals) and Oki Kintama (bass/backing vocals). The band is currently looking for a permanent drummer.

One could easily get lost in The Deacon’s huge stage persona (and the fact that he kinda reminds you of Prince, if he were in a punk band). His wild attire usually includes flashy hats (mostly white ones) and large sun glasses. This isn’t your typical Deacon leading the congregation on Sunday morning. The hymns he’s singing on stage are filled with pure funk & soul that is touched with the right balance of musical instruments and some colorful lyrics that would make your mama blush.

MDLS has been spilling mamas secrets around Brooklyn for the past 5 years. They have already released one full length CD “In Your Mouth” and two EP’s “The Dirty Mix” and “Big City, Dirty Night” with numerous singles. The band in 2010 decided to think outside the box in which they wrote, recorded, and released 1 song a month in that year (12 separate singles). Along with a couple of music videos MDLS is doing something right in Brooklyn. Their fan base is growing and the fans are demanding more.

With a huge stage persona and a unique sound all their own, this band can only expect to have more doors to open soon. They are expecting to have the band’s 3rd EP out later this summer with the first single “Church Me” to be released next month.

The Deacon promises that once you attend a MDLS show “you’ll leave feeling sexier than your friend the next day.” This must be true coming from a band whose tag line is “Rock Hard! Rock Sexy!” There aren’t any tour dates as of yet, but If you’re in the Brooklyn area your next chance to see Mama’s Dirty Li’l Secrets will be on Sunday May 26th at The Five Spot for Soul Metal’s 1st anniversary show. Be sure to check out the bands pages for details on this show and others in the future.

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The Deacon
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