Dirty Valentine

The song is about meeting up with your mistress on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s day. Because you certainly can’t meet with them on VDay when you’re supposed to be with your main squeeze!

Oh, but wait… not is all as it seems (hint: end of 3rd verse). . .

Rock Hard! Rock Sexy!
-† The Deacon †

= = = = = =

Dirty Valentine
(† The Deacon †)
© 2011

Dirty Valentine
I don’t want you to be mine
But we can have a good time
It’s you I adore
Dirty Valentine
I can’t let you be mine
But we can have a good time
The day before

Dinner sounds great
I’ll meet you around 8
I’ll order up some wine
for our downtime
No, not that place
I can’t show my face there
gotta stay down
I’ll meet you on the other side of town


I love our trips
I love your kiss
with your sexy
you’re my fantasy
the way you make me feel
I hate to conceal
But you gotta know
we gotta keep this on the down low


It’s our special date
I just couldn’t wait
I’m glad you’re here
I bought some new gear
Wait, what do you mean
you can’t be seen?
How can you deny?
I’m not your only guy?

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