Dirty Reflection (Video)

Dirty Reflection
(† The Deacon †)

The song tells the story of hypocrisy of the United States from it’s own perspective. The first verse deals with the enslavement of Africans and the imprisonment of the native Nations.

The second verse is about using war as means of religious freedom. Then, offering no apologies, the US says it’ll make some concessions, but it still owns the land and the people within.

– – – – – – LYRICS – – – –

(verse 1)
Shockwaves fill the air as they
whip around the Sun
Hearing two souls lost,
now we’re on the run

I make no reservations for
those I’ve displaced
I often jump the gun,
’cause it’s a long Race

Avoiding the dirty reflection
on my face
I try to turn around, but I’m
in the same place


(verse 2)
Battlegrounds of Love lost (in)
in exchange for greed
Hearing the souls cry out
“In God we bleed!”

I offer no reparations for
those I’ve encased
No more hanging around (no)
But, this is still my place

– – – – – – LYRICS – – – –

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