Mama's Dirty Li'l Secret


Mama's Dirty Li'l Secret

Mama’s Dirty Li’l Secret (L-R)- Oki Kintama (bass), JavOnDrums (drums), † The Deacon † (vocals, guitar)

If Prince were punk… 

Longing for the time when rockers rocked, heads banged, and bands were sexy, Mama’s Dirty Li’l Secret® began their journey to Rock Sexy. They spent years writing and developing their “soul punk” sound and live show climaxing in their debut album “In Your Mouth!”

With it’s big, soulful choruses, catchy melodies, booming bass and raw rock grooves, “In Your Mouth” gained buzz in the NYC underground in a time when the industry was in absolute turmoil.

With as much importance to entertain – “The show is back!” – the crowds at their high-energy live shows always leave chanting their manta “Rock Hard! Rock Sexy!”

In 2010, Mama’s Dirty Li’l Secret wrote, recorded and released one song a month for the entire year. Internet radio stations, both US and European, jumped on for the ride and played each song as they were released.

Backed by the bombastic rhythm section of JavOnDrums (drums) and Oki Kintama (bass, bg vocals), † The Deacon † heads up this triumvirate with his neo-Romeo vocals and punk-funk guitar stylings.

Next in their master plan is to take their rock sexiness on the road. First, hitting their region then onto Japan, Germany and Brazil!

Rock Hard! Rock Sexy!

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